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About Us

Rangammal Memorial Rehabilitation Society (RMRS) was formed in 1991consisting of local philanthropic and dedicated people to administer, develop and nurture the work that was initiated by Madame Sylvia Wright.

In addition, at the request of the then-District Collector, a residential school for the profoundly deaf was started in 1992- and two-Day Care Centers for people with Intellectual disabilities were started in Tiruvannamalai in 2003.

A training school was started in 2009, to provide high-quality nursing that is recognized by the Indian Nursing Council. All services at the school for the hearing impaired and the school for people with intellectual disabilities are strict ‘not for profit’. They are provided either free of cost or at very minimal prices. The Nursing school is a self-financed institution, where the students are from the local community and are charged very nominal fees. RMRS administers these institutions to achieve its vision of creating an inclusive and empowering environment for its beneficiaries.